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January 19, 2021

2021 Wedding Trend Report

2021 wedding trends

While 2020 was a big hit on the wedding industry things are looking up for 2021. With so many couples getting married this year after their postponements, 2021 wedding trends will definitely be evolving rather quickly. More time equates to serious thought being put into each and every event. So without further ado here is our exclusive list of wedding trends we will be seeing an abundance of this year.

Longer Weekend Celebrations

We are seeing an uptick in couples wanting to take over their venues or wedding destinations for multiple days, to extend their wedding celebrations. It feels as though they are almost merging their nuptials with a staycation. Couples are planning a weeks worth of group activities onsite. A lot of these activities are being planned outdoors, with smaller groups to allow for easy social distancing. We are thoroughly enjoying this emerging trend and look forward to seeing more of this. Families being reunited after months spent apart is always something special to witness for our team.

Florals That Are Seasonal & Wild

2021 wedding florals will feel more seasonal and wild in nature. A lot of people recently found salvation in the outdoors, and we think this will be reflected in designs this year. Larger Scale pieces such as trees, and wild yet refined arrangements of flowers overflowing with character will serve as major décor elements.

2021 wedding trends
Photo By: Haint Blue Collective
Gentle Palettes

Couples were just starting to make a transition towards color. But we predict that tastes will shift back to fresh greens and whites. We will see some trickles of color, but these will serve as accents and not over the top pops in palettes.

More Authentic Wedding Photos

Photography that captures the authenticity and raw energy of a celebration will be front and center. Clients will scope out artists who shoot fleeting moments that cannot be reproduced. These images will feel more photojournalistic vs. posed, and we’ve seen first hand that couples are wanting to dwindle down photography shot lists for family, bridal party etc. to focus on living in the moment.

charleston wedding planner
Photo By: Carrie Joy Photography

Guests lists are dwindling down which means there is more room in clients budgets for personalized details. Emphasis is being made on making wedding guests feel really special. Guests currently in attendance include close family and friends so careful considerations are going into every detail.


What are your predictions for the year ahead? Leave your thoughts below, we’d love for you to share!

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