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July 15, 2020

Atlanta Luxury Wedding Planner / Honeymoon Hacks

Cheers! You’ve tied the knot, sealed the deal & said your “I Do’s!” (hopefully with your Atlanta luxury wedding planner in tow). Now comes the fun part, the trip of a lifetime as newlyweds. But, not so fast! Honeymoons don’t always go as planned and have their stresses too. Here are some quick tips for avoiding honeymoon pitfalls, and making your getaway one for the books.


You’ve just thrown the party of a lifetime surrounded by family & friends. Be sure to make the most of your alone time. Don’t pack your schedule with a million excursions or plan out every minute. Be sure to leave some time for romance and relaxation.


Make sure you are planning something that speaks to you two. Don’t plan a trip or select a destination because other people think you should, or try and talk you into doing so. Chances are you’ve had to make a few concessions when it came to wedding planning so let this be all about you!


You probably made a lot of decisions over the past year when it came to planning the perfect celebration. Color Palette, Florals, Catering, Venue…you name it! It’s exhausting to even think about honestly. And if you jet off right after the wedding chances are it could lead to Decision Fatigue Syndrome. It will hit you at the oddest times, like when the bartender asks you for a drink order. Beer? Wine? Something strawberry flavored? Vodka or Tequila? And panic sets in, your eyes glaze and your palms become slick. It’s totally normal, but be ready to step in and help your partner make decisions if they seem as if they are in a daze.


It can feel like a huge crash back to earth when you get on the plane to return to daily lives. Your wedding weekend is over, your dream trip is over and now it’s time to go back to the grind. Once you catch up at work, make it a point to sit down together to schedule so unique date nights or plan another weekend getaway. This gives you something to plan and look forward to once again and can lighten the blow.



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