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November 21, 2020

Atlanta Wedding Planner / How To Create A Holiday Tablescape

atlanta wedding plannerThis time of year is so festive. For us Atlanta Wedding Planners it’s about spending time with the ones we love, and that may also mean hosting. As an Atlanta Wedding Coordinator I understand this isn’t an easy task. But with these handy tablescape tips it might loosen the load.
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Spray down and clean your table first. Then clear off all place mats, dishes, flatware, junk etc. This will allow you to have some creative freedom to think.


Place the number of chairs you need around your table / other areas of the house first. This will allow you to line each place setting up with each chair and will help you assess the room you have.


Pick out your chargers, dishes & flatware based on a few inspiration images you gravitate towards for the holiday. Chances are these feature a holiday color story for christmas focusing on christmas hues. But also, don’t be afraid to veer away from tradition here. If you want to wow your guests it might be fun to mix it up! You can accomplish this by maybe buying a few newer items (if the budget allows) while mixing in some of your older, more used pieces with funky colors.

Also, before you set any dishes out be sure to assess how you will be serving your meal and what serve ware will be used for those items. If you will be serving family style on the table go the extra mile by placing these empty dishes on the table before setting out your table settings to assess how much space you’ll have left.

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When decorating your tablescape make sure you are layering pieces. This gives a “collected over time” heirloom look which can be easily accomplished this time of year. Combined old with new, layer textures, objects, live plants or flowers etc. These are all great ways to bring the look to life. We recommend a charger, dinner plate, salad plate, and then a textural napkin for each place setting.

When playing with napkins spruce things up with a fun fold or presentation such as tied with a ribbon, hanging fold, or menu fold while tucking in flatware.

Some fun decor elements that could easily be worked in include pinecones, garlands, table runners, favors etc.


Place cards are always a nice personal touch. You could even write little notes in pretty envelopes to each guest honoring them. Or if you are going for more casual a nice touch of a napkin ring or some family photos would be fun too.


Utilize different heights throughout the tablescape!  You can do this by stacking dishes, with the centerpiece or with candles.

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Focus on the ambiance by dimming the lights, and lighting some candles. This makes the space feel warm and inviting. It will also set the tone for the party or get together. Also, don’t be afraid to create a playlist and have that on low as background music. 

I hope these tips help you put together the perfect tablescape for your loved ones to enjoy. As an Atlanta wedding coordinator I host so many different gathering and have learned along the way, with each tablescape feeling so unique. I wish you luck on pulling off the perfect party, and hope your holidays are filled with special memories.

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