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October 14, 2020

Atlanta Wedding Designer / Creating Your Wedding Budget

This can be a touchy subject but also something that happens initially with the wedding planning process. As an atlanta wedding designer and planner we specialize in guiding our clients through this important first step. But below are some tips on getting started.

atlanta wedding designer
Photo By: Elliott Fuerniss

Reach Out to A Planner First

No matter how many articles you read online about putting together a wedding budget your most valuable tool is a wedding planner. Not only do we have experience in the market your getting married in. But there is a lot of false information online that isn’t very specific to certain areas around the US. This means that you can throw all the info you spent hours reading on Pinterest out the window because it probably isn’t accurate. You need an expert ASAP!

Talk About Who’s Paying For What

This is something that needs to be addressed right off the bat. This helps set you up for success throughout the process by avoiding any sticky situations with parents. Yeah it’s awkward but the conversation needs to happen. We suggest talking to family members separately to prevent any tension.

Be Realistic

Are you wanting to book at the most popular venue in the area? Do you have 200 or more guests? Or do you want a 10 piece? Chances are your budget needs to be on the higher end to accomplish these must haves. Keeping realistic expectations when setting and sticking to the budget is key. This is another area we can help with since we know estimated costs for all different elements that make up your day.

atlanta wedding designer
Photo By: Christa O’Brien

Include Some Wiggle Room

Be sure to include some wiggle room when putting together the initial budget. This might be helpful with potential hidden fees if you navigating all of this on your own.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

Examples of this would be trials, service fees, stamps or even gratuities. Enough Said.

We hope this helps as you move forward with your planning! We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to the opportunity to help you curate the perfect wedding weekend!

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