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December 14, 2021

Atlanta Wedding Planner / Gift Wrapping 101

Wrapping gifts during the holidays can be tedious and stressful. But as an Atlanta Wedding Planner we truly believe just like anything else, it’s all in the presentation! We love wrapping each gift with thought so the appearance and experience of opening the present is just as special as what’s inside. We wanted to provide some quick and simple tips to help you this holiday season with this task.

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Pick A Color Palette

Cohesiveness is key. We like to stick with 3 colors or less for a gift palette and try to work in a few patterns when possible.

Add In Details

As an Atlanta Wedding Planner it really is all in the details for us. We like to work in personal items such as photos, ornaments or some sort of swag every once in a while to make the experience truly personal.

Wrapping Your Gift
  • Put the box right side down on the paper (flip it upside down) ensuring the top/ front of the gift will have no paper seams front and center when you flip it over after you are finished.
  • Measure with paper half way to one side, and the other, leaving a few centimeters extra to fold inward creating a smooth edge.
  • Measure the same way, half up on the other smaller sides of the box so you’ll know where to cut. This is where grid lined paper comes in handy if you have it!
  • Next, fold the vertical edge (where you left a few centimeters) inward those few centimeters, this will ensure the edge you will tape will meet your other edge instead of showing raw cutting lines. This allows a nice folded edge is only shown.

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Pro Tip: Use double sided clear tape or fold regular tape into little o’s to stick underneath paper so you aren’t seeing any tape.

  • On the shorter two ends of the box you want to make a triangle by bringing the top corner of the paper straight down and flush against the box, starting the form of your triangle. Fold one of the triangles down on the ground forming another and repeat.

Pro Tip: For a more pro finish fold the peak of the final triangle underneath, creating a flat edge / straight line versus a peak to the triangle, before then taping the final triangle up to finish this end of the gift. Repeat on the other end.

  • Garnish your packages – The bows, ornaments, and swag are like jewelry or accessories to your outfit. It ties everything together. Have fun with what you picked out and make it personalized for the gift receiver! They’ll appreciate your attention to detail. You might even inspire them to rethink how they wrap for others.
Bonus – How to Tie The Perfect Bow
  • Measure ribbon by wrapping it around the wrapped gift twice. Make sure to leave enough ribbon so you can trim the edges again after your bow is tied.
  • Create a single tie as you would when tying your shoe. Create two loops, one with the first and your right hand, and then next with your left hand. When making the second loop with your left hand use your right thumb to hold your first knot in place.
  • Pull loop one through and under loop two pulling the ends to create an even bow.
  • Tighten the bow to your desired length and cut the edges in a diagonal.

Gift wrapping season is among us and I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial from our Atlanta Wedding Planner team here at Wright & Co. Remember it’s the season to make people you love feel extra special so why not start with the packaging?


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