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December 1, 2020

Atlanta Wedding Planners / 2020 Holiday Gifting Tips

gifting tips
As Atlanta wedding planners, one of our love languages is gifting. Anyone that knows us knows we love to make each and every person that’s close to us feel special. One of our favorite times of the year to do so is Christmas of course! So here are some tips and gift ideas to inspire you this holiday season.


  • Pick items for your gift box or bag that all share the same color story or palette, this makes it look more put together
  • Layer with texture, think ribbons, hand towels, sprigs of florals etc.
  • Center gift around a persons interest such as cooking, self-care items etc. or around the season!
  • Create a tiered effect with a few smaller items paired with a few bigger items
  • Pick a reusable package such as a nice box, bag, piece or fabric bundled up this gives an elevated look
  • Fill in space with shredded paper or tissue
  • Personalize with beautiful tags or event handwritten cards from a calligrapher
  • Use different packaging for certain items if needed
  • Make sure you remove pricing stickers and extra labels or tags


atlanta wedding planners

Socks, candle, matches, luxury candy bar

atlanta wedding planning

Champagne, cookies, candle

atlanta wedding planners

Hat, gloves, tea or body polish, earrings

atlanta wedding planning

Mug, tea, candies, matches, candle

 wedding designer

Christmas breakfast basket including a skillet, pancake mix, breakfast tea, syrup, a whisk, spatula, hot cocoa and a hand towel.

atlanta planners

Pasta Dinner Kit including homemade marinara, red pepper flakes, basil, pasta, parmesan and sparkling water.

We hope these quick gift ideas, and tips help you throughout your holiday gifting. As Atlanta wedding planners, we know it’s easy to shop for family members and close friends. But sometimes it can be troublesome putting together the perfect gift to show someone appreciation during this season. These gifts are great ways to make those close to you feel special without going over the top.

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