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September 9, 2020

Atlanta Wedding Planning / Personalizing Your Ceremony

There is no reason why the reception should be the only fun part of your wedding celebration. This might be one of the first things that comes to mind as you start your Atlanta wedding planning journey. You want your I do’s to feel like a part of you, so here are some tips to personalize this portion of your special day.


Think about creating a personalized program that includes the necessary details with a few extras. Things like map illustrations, photos from your engagement session or fun facts about yourselves could be fun!

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What would provide a warmer welcome for guests then a signature drink or a glass of champagne before the ceremony? This sets the tone for the day, and allows guests to relax the moment they arrive.

atlanta wedding planning
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Something that would go well with those drinks would be passed hors d’oeuvres, or a displayed food station. This allows guests to graze before finding their seats.


If your hosting your wedding at a museum or interesting location consider having guests arrive earlier. Then also maybe consider working with the venue to offer early access to exhibits, gardens or historical sites.


Select songs for the processional that mean something. Was there a special song that played on your first date? What song did your mom walk down the aisle to? Think of things like this when selecting those processional and recessional melodies.

atlanta wedding planning
Photo By: Diana Lupu Photography


Not having a religious ceremony? Consider having a close friend or family member officiate! This could feel so much more personal and can save you money too!


This is a given but make sure you work together on the length and the feeling they both will portray. If he’s going for funny you should too!


Ditch the tradition and walk down the aisle with your future hubby!

As an Atlanta Wedding Planning team we love working with our couples to create special ceremony moments. This includes personalizing each and every detail of their day! We hope you use these tips wisely, these are great ways to make the actual wedding feel really memorable.

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