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October 5, 2021

Bar Tool Essentials

As destination wedding planners we think the first piece of obvious advice is reserving your personal bar stocking budget for high-end bourbons. Duh! But basic bar cart necessities and tools should be considered while building your registry. After you are done celebrating your nuptials, there are many dinner parties to be had. The requirement is always the perfect cocktail so why not be prepared with some of our suggestions below beforehand!

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The List
  • Disc Bar Spoon – these allow drink makers to stir without getting drinks all over their hands.


  • Strainer – these hold chunks of fruit, seeds and other solids you don’t want in the glass.


  • Muddler – used like a pestle to mash or muddle fruits, herbs and spices


  • Jigger – the basic of any cocktail is measurement, and this is the tool for the job


  • Peeler – used for garnishes or to provide a fun twist to a drink


  • Ice Cube Mold – perfect for presentation and also doesn’t slosh around in drinks.


  • Cocktail picks – gives cocktail some flair, pair with the perfect garnish.


  • Microplane – for zesting


  • Shaker – used to chill and mix drinks quickly while also helping to discern if a home bartender is a rookie


  • Citrus juicer – use a simple hinge and lever mechanism that allows you to pull more lemon juice.


  • Smoke Gun – a bar doesn’t NEED a smoke gun but if your getting into smoked cocktails make sure you get one that uses real wood like this Breville Smoking Gun, otherwise lighter fluid imparts a chemically taste into your drink.


  • Bottle Opener / Wine Opener – this goes without saying


  • Paring knife – for cutting and preparing garnishes


  • Pourers – used to pour with speed and accuracy


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Just like a chef works better with the sharpest knives, bartenders can work better, faster & more efficiently with the best tools behind their bar. Be sure to add these items to your registry to impress your guests at your first hosted dinner party as newlyweds.


Photography: Carrie Joy Photography

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