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January 11, 2022

Destination Wedding Planner / Self Care During Wedding Planning

Wedding planning isn’t just time consuming but sometimes even with a wedding planner it can be feel overwhelming. As your big day approaches you might find yourself a bit stressed, tense & spread a little think. Self care is extremely important during this momentous time in your life. As destination wedding planners, our team wanted to share our list of tips for maintaining your sanity during your planning journey.

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1. Nutrition & Health

Many brides think they need to go on insane crash diets & cleanses, when in fact they are depriving themselves of nutrients their body needs to combat stress. Nutrition is essential for your wellbeing, and provides needed energy. We advise not skipping meals, and spending a few hours every Sunday meal prepping to ensure your body feels up for tasks assigned by your wedding planner. Make sure you aren’t skipping essential doctors appointments and working those into your monthly schedule as high priority items.

2. Mental Health

Mental health is just as important, and contributes to our overall health more then some realize. Stress and exhaustion can flare up existing anxiety and depression issues, or even bring new ones on. We suggest keeping up your therapy sessions if needed or giving yourself time away from your computer or phone when needed to decompress. You may want to schedule a massage session at your local spa, or set aside some meditation time at home. Giving yourself time to clear your mind, will allow you to compartmentalize things that are weighing heavy on you.

3. Relaxation

Make sure you are giving yourself relaxation time often. That might mean crossing off items on the to-do list, taking a nap or lighting a candle. Embrace whatever brings you joy and embrace it as a top priority.

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4. Skin

Taking care of your skin is more important now then it has ever been before. Not only does stress bring out breakouts but it can also increase oil production. As destination wedding planners we recommend doing a consultation with an aesthetician. A few of our favorites locally include: OVME, Faced & Kindred Studio here in Atlanta. These experts can point out your current problem areas while coming up with a targeted treatment plan. The studios listed also offer affordable monthly facial memberships. Dermaplaning, hydrafacials, and light chemical peels are all really popular options with our clients. Depending on your age and needs you may want to also consider adding on some Botox before the wedding, to smooth any deep set wrinkles and allow for smoother makeup application.

5. Outsource

This is one of our favorite tips since our team also takes advantage of this when needed. As you get closer to the wedding the amount of tasks on your plate at once can multiply. Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean having a friend or family member step in with wedding tasks. This means sitting down and addressing things in your life that are adding to that stress you feel. This could mean scheduling grocery deliveries, setting up a meal subscription service, hiring a house cleaner, or a lawn care service. There are so many things that could be outsourced in your daily lives that you hate doing. This will give you more productive time to work on wedding planning with a much clearer head.


We hope these tips prompt you to sit down and shift your priorities towards more self care. As destination wedding planners we’ve become self care queens, we realize if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of our clients. So we hope this inspires you to do the same for yourself.



Photography: Laura Anne Watson 


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