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August 12, 2020

Luxury Wedding Planner / Our Philosophy

As a luxury wedding planner team in the Atlanta area we have a philosophy that guides us throughout each and every wedding we take on.We believe that there are two key aspects to consider when planning the overall feel of your wedding day.

Aspect 1

The first is the hospitality aspect. This includes: our service expertise, food selections and beverage offerings. As well as entertainment and accommodations. These items comprise the event essentials that your guests will experience.

atlanta wedding planner

Aspect 2

The second is the aesthetic aspect. This includes: the color palette, the fabric, the florals, the paper goods, and the lighting. Even the way the photographer captures the day. This also includes all other artistic elements that allow guests to experience the couples love through creative design.

When planning the hospitality elements of a wedding, we demand the best. We team up with talented, experiences professionals, who deliver top notch customer service. Including highly reputable venues and resorts, caterers, bands and DJs.

When it comes to the aesthetic part of the planning , we enjoy getting to know each of our couples while drawing inspiration from their personal style and interests. Your wedding should not be based on a trend or a pin on Pinterest! Marriages are a union of two distinct individuals. So we enjoy mixing and matching styles to create a completely unique design, that stands the test of time.

atlanta wedding planner

Perhaps the bride is an old soul who adores vintage style. But the groom is more modern. Maybe the bride loves bold, bright colors. But the groom appreciates more subtle hues. We love taking the opportunity to blend two styles to create a wedding that you will look back on fondly when you are celebrating your 50th anniversary!

As a luxury wedding planner team here in Atlanta we live and breath these words, as we walk each of our couples through the planning process. If you feel a connection to these words like we do we invite you to reach out and say hello!


Photography: Hannah Forsberg

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