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November 23, 2021

Styling Your Home For The Holidays

Whether you are hosting for the holidays this year or not, thoughtful decorating always warms up your space in the Winter. As an Atlanta wedding planner we believe a styled cozy Christmas home feels not only welcoming for guests, but for you as the home owner each and every day. It can seem daunting, but we are sharing some simple tips to achieve an elevated look that will serve you well through this celebratory season.

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Be Consistent

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your collection the first thing to consider is the style of your home. You want all of your décor to mesh well with the aesthetics. Create consistency of style and color throughout the entire home, from the front door to the guest rooms. This will help increase the impact and make your decorations look like a part of a larger whole vs. a bunch of items just scattered around the space. Repeating certain items such as a specific pattern, texture, or element will also give things a unified look.

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Stick To Neutrals

This might be an unpopular opinion because as an Atlanta wedding planner we know color can be fun. I mean we are some of the biggest color lovers you will meet but not all colors make you feel relaxed. In fact, color theory suggests that reds, yellows, and orange tones can make people feel more energetic and anxious. Try and stick to creamy colors and then mix in pops of different palettes in little doses. Play it safer here, the majority of items you’ll find in stores are too busy for the eye. So give yourself some time to hunt down the perfect staple items.

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Go Real

It’s a simple fact that real trees, garlands & greenery feel more authentic and soothing. People often think this is too big of an undertaking but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I challenge you to try a REAL tree this year! And instead of using the same old garlands, pick up some real Evergreen, Cedar or Olive Branch to scatter around your home. Not only will these provide a wonderful scent but they really help to uplevel your holiday game.

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Think Beyond The Usual

Yes obviously a beautiful tree, a decorated mantle & a wreath on the door are important, but push yourself to think beyond that. Dress up a light fixture with some greenery swags or let your gifts under the tree serve as art pieces with fun gift wraps, ribbons and adornments. Don’t forget to add some festive throw pillows to your living room setup along with a cozy knit throw draped over your sofa. Soft fuzzy textures automatically bring the level of cozy up a notch after all. Candles are also a big contribution here, and they are almost always overlooked when it comes to Christmas. Instead of having one big candle on the dining room table featuring your favorite winter scent think bigger scale. Taper candles on your mantle or hearth can add an amazing glow, or buying smaller versions of your signature scent to weave in and out of greenery or scatter through your space would work so beautifully. Another fun idea is setting up a stylish bar for guests to enjoy on your favorite buffet, sideboard or bar cart. This could include vintage glassware, bottles of spirits and some of the décor items you’ve collected. Have fun with it, and don’t forget to think outside of the box!

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Strong Finish On The Exterior

Most people start their holiday decorating process outdoors. That’s a common mistake. Finish your interior first. Not only with decorating, but when buying items as well. You spend the majority of your time in your living room, kitchen & common area so it goes without saying that these should have the most impact. Once you have a cohesive flow moving throughout, then move outdoors to dress your patio or porch up a bit for visitors. When doing this carefully consider items you’ve used in the home, and carry this aesthetic over to the exterior. We love adding elements to a porch such as outdoor trees, live garlands, plants & wreaths. A little goes a long way here.

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We hope these quick tips from an Atlanta wedding planner help guide you during your holiday home styling. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this post below! Or feel free to tag us @wrightandco so we can share your dreamy designs with our audience.


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