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January 5, 2021

Wedding Planners / What 2020 Taught Us

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This was a tough year for all of us, we’ve been in constant contact with other wedding planners and friends in the industry through it all to show our support. Our team chose to use this as period of growth as we move forward to bigger and better things. But dark times bring lessons, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned through this hard season with you all.

 How To Slow Down

Our team is always on the go but when Covid hit things took a hard turn for everyone. As a Type 3 entrepreneur this time we’ve been given by the universe forced me to slow down and not only evaluate how far we’ve come, but has allowed me to make big plans for where we are going. We plan so far out for our clients that at the end of the day there aren’t always free moments to think about our own personal goals or business dreams. I shifted my mindset to think a bit differently then others, as I felt grateful for the gift of time we’ve all been given despite all of the hardships it’s brought on. I used this as an opportunity to get re-energized about my passion, focus on projects that normally end up on the back burner & spend quality time (even if it was via zoom) with the people I love most.

 That Change is Needed

2020 has been a year of monumental change but the world still has a long way to go. Spring found us staying home and staying safe while summer saw us speaking out and standing in solidarity with all black lives. I want to continue to learn about the systemic racism felt by both black and indigenous people in our country so I can understand how to better myself as an ally. Its apparent now more then ever that it’s time for true diversity and equality to reign.

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To Count My Blessings

With all the bad that’s happened this year it felt like the easy way out to focus on the negative. I’m not saying there weren’t some really low low’s, but I learned fairly quickly that it’s all about perspective. I tried my best to wake up each day counting my blessings, even on the hardest of days. This really did wonders for my mental health and mindset.

To Keep Learning

Yes my experience in this industry as a wedding planner started years and years ago but there is always knowledge to gain. Resources like Invision Events Educate I Empower I Encourage Group, The Aisle Academy from Aisleplanner & The Valerie Gernhauser Method proved to be pretty powerful even while learning at home in my PJ’s. I truly believe there is no end to education and as they say “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.”

Having a healthy relationship with yourself is really important

As an extrovert the pandemic has really tested me. This isolation has taught me how vital it is to have a healthy relationship with myself. I always knew I was my greatest critic but when you feel like you are cut off from the world as a small business owner that intensifies.

After I had my early onset pity party I pulled myself up and decided to focus on things I could do vs. the things I couldn’t. This included books I’ve wanted to read, trying new recipes & working on projects around the house. I’ve decided I’m no longer relying on others for my happiness and the only person I can count on for that is me.



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