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May 18, 2021

Where We Find Wedding Inspiration

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While Pinterest may serve as the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to wedding design, it can be a blessing and a curse. Chances are images that stick out to you from your feed are sticking out to others as well. Which means you may end up with a wedding that feels super trendy a year down the line. Our goal is to dream up a wedding that is a true reflection of you, a cue for Pinterest or Google to exit stage left. As atlanta wedding planners we often get asked where we find inspiration for each of our events and we’d love to share a bit from behind the scenes!


Not only does fashion serve as a great source for color combinations but most of the time patterns and textures hit this industry first. Then they trickle into the wedding industry. We can predict trend forward movements by watching runway shows, thumbing through magazines and even monitoring window displays. We monitor websites of high end boutiques and department stores too.


Interior inspiration is such a great indicator of color and furnishings. Online shopping and research proves to be important here. We also enjoy taking tours of model homes, visiting our favorite restaurants, hotels and home design stores. How a space or item makes us feel is an important part of our consideration for future designs. We also love considering our own interiors. This helps us gauge what we are drawn to. We love mixing it up to work on our styling game as much as possible.

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Museums and galleries are another great place to get inspired. An open mind allows us to be drawn to different pieces featuring different mediums. We also draw from our couples love of local artists or real works throughout their homes into our plans.


We love taking in plants, flowers, sand and the natural sky. We love showing consideration to colors and textures we stumble upon during our scouting. We also grab photos of some of our favorites for later to share with our couples or floral team.

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This is an integral part of our process. They say travel broadens the mind and we completely agree. Whether it’s a place you visit often or a destination wedding location we believe its important to weave these memories into your wedding weekend. This allows us to recreate those amazing feelings of peace and calm, which lends itself to feel warm and welcoming for you and your guests the weekend of the wedding. We also love gathering inspiration during our own travels. Whether it’s exploring local markets to find heirloom pieces to photographing amazing details at a resort. The possibilities are endless here.

No matter where we find inspiration as atlanta wedding planners one constant is our teams devotion to originality. This is why after getting to know you our design process takes several months vs. throwing something together quickly. It’s just that for us, a process. No two weddings look the same in our portfolio and this is something we take pride in. We love partnering with couples who view our work as artistry, and allow us to be creative by sharing certain things mentioned above that lead to a distinctive aesthetic.


Photography by: Elliott Fuerniss 

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